Baumeister (engl. master builder)– my word for 2020

How the Baumeister shows up in the world

How to wear the Baumeister persona in the face of others with amplified authenticity. The role I play in the infinite game we play together:

    Hands-on and energetic
    Burning for action and results
    Focused on the meaningful task that make a difference
    Patiently building stuff brick by brick
    Excited and full of praise for the work
    Optimistic realist, dreaming of the cathedral
    Celebrates success and failures alike
    Curious learner of all things helpful


Projects have a finite quality; a clear deadline. Some of the projects I want to embark on:

    - Simple, maintainable online presence (this website)
    - 20 in 2020: 20 blog posts, articles, interviews, conference talks during this year, each shared with 3+ friends
    - Publish a small tabletop roleplay adventure or setting
    - Publish and talk about my point of view on reslient futures